On Raising Meat Animals

Through much of my childhood, I was surrounded by farm animals. Goats, sheep, chickens. I played with kids, lambs, and chicks, but I also ate barbecued goat, and lamb chops, and roast chicken. And I knew that these things were connected: We weren’t buying meat in the store and pretending that it had nothing to […]

Should Pigs Become Organ Farms?

Medicine keeps making amazing strides. Not that long ago, the thought of transferring a donor organ was inconceivable. Now, Japanese researchers are developing pig-human chimeras, pigs that host human organs that can be matured and implanted into recipients, at least theoretically. The research is still in early stages, so don’t plan on rushing out to […]

Slaughterhouse Abuse Starts with Worker Abuse

US slaughterhouses have become infamous as havens of animal abuse, exposed by numerous animal welfare organisations brave enough to go undercover (even in the face of ag-gag laws) to document workers kicking, hitting, and beating animals, mocking them, and participating in acts of extreme brutality. Sending animals to their death in a state of terror […]