Given that I normally post in the morning, gentle readers, you are probably wondering why I’m writing so late today. And I know that you do sorely miss the sites of interest for the day, but I swear that I have an excuse for putting an entry up so late, so never fear, all is […]

Zoom Zoom

So I was minding my own business in the cemetery yesterday, straightening headstones and uprighting flower vases, and I kept hearing strange clattering and tooting noises to the South. I finally glanced up and saw a little railroad maintenance car, which I thought was odd, since our railroad doesn’t use railcars, it uses old vans […]

Note War

So help me, friends, I think I might have entered a passive aggressive note war. If you don’t think that note wars can get serious, think again. I don’t know what possessed me, honestly, I don’t, and I’m not proud. First, some backstory. When I moved into my new house, I was informed that the […]

Know Thy Neighbor

Neighbors are a fact of life for most of us, I suspect. I think that one of the major defining separations between many city dwellers and many small town residents is the interactions that people have with their neighbors. Here, I know my neighbors. I know their names, I know their children, and I know […]