In the garden: Reader, I ate it

Happy October, my friends! The election is ominously close and I for one am very confused about why my mailbox isn’t bulging with election-related mail. Not that I am complaining, I just don’t get why it doesn’t explode with endless fliers about the 19 propositions on the ballot every time I open it. Also, I was hoping I’d have a bunch of election mail to compost because the balance of my compost is getting a little out of order.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, my war with Roger Ailes (the fox, so named because he likes to climb up onto my compost bin and poop) appears to be at a temporary standoff, because I’ve finally replaced my decaying compost bin with a couple of spiffy trash cans. No I don’t have pictures. Just imagine a pair of trash cans with holes in them. The point is, I am excited about this revolution in composting and all that it represents, namely, being at least temporarily theoretically difficult to dig into. Hooray.

Anyway enough about compost, here’s some stuff I grew.

I wasn’t really expecting to get much of a harvest this September, but as it turns out, my strawberries are still going at it, which is a pleasant and most welcome turn of events. (Man, who knew fertilising things regularly would have such results? I did, I just didn’t bother.) My friend M came by with some epazote, which is now living in style next to the strawberries. They seem okay with it so far.

She also brought me some strawberry spinach, which I am VERY excited about because, hello, strawberry spinach, what is not to like about that? I like strawberries and I like spinach! As it turns out, the ‘strawberries’ are actually little savory berries, and I haven’t tried one yet because none have sprouted, but I will say that the spinach is mighty fine. If you would like to grow some for yourself, you can get it at Seed Savers. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

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This is strawberry spinach, an heirloom cultivar! 🌱

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Poppies are also still merrily doing their thing, which I personally find very exciting because I have a deep love of California poppies. Well, poppies in general. But they have such a lovely rich orange to red to yellow colour, depending on the plant, and they grow like weeds, which I find tremendously advantageous because as we know I am adept at killing things.

Speaking of really trying not to kill things I swear, I’ve been paying more attention to (read: watering) my pineapple sage and it is responding accordingly. It’s theoretically drought resistant, which probably explains why it has been able to tough it out for so long, but it really does prefer being watered now and then. And probably fertilised too. My goal for spring: Fertilising.

I’m also pleased to report that my late harvest beet situation totally worked out. These beets are delicious, and I ate them roasted the other night and it was such an excellent use of my time. Early Wonders may not be the most amazing beets ever (next year I think I will grow Detroits), but they are definitely reliable.

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Beet still my heart.

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Look at that cute little beet.

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My October goals: Transplant the wisteria (hahaha I know this is going to be a nightmare), transplant the perennial sweet peas, stay on top of watering things (though it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, hooray!), and separate bulbs. Will I accomplish any of these things given that I’m going to a conference mid-month and I have a horrific amount of work to do? We’ll find out!