In the garden: Someone make the pollen stop, please

So it’s spring, if anyone missed the memo, and my garden is going full steam thanks to all the rain and the sun that helpfully followed it. Along with all of the growing that’s happening — the grass is seriously sprouting up like two inches a week, people — it’s also flower time, which would be super nice if I didn’t have viciously terrible allergies this year. I don’t know why my immune system decided to do this to me but I hate it.

So here are some delightful allergen-laden friends of mine, only you don’t have to sneeze while you look at them!

This plant here is public enemy number one, and it sits right outside my office, so when I open the window on warm days it’s a ticket to instant misery. It even smells nice, which is the worst part, because I take a deep unwitting breath and then…

This tree is why you should buy stock in every known allergy drug manufacturer.

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But here, look, a tulip. These came from my landlady and they are really stunningly beautiful in person, like bright bursts of flame, only, you know, not actually about to catch anything on fire, so that’s good.

Tiptoe through the tulips with me?

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And how about this beaut? Those Aussies really know how to grow some weird flowers, man.

Unfiltered so you can fully enjoy the majesty.

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Speaking of flowers, these little baby marigolds will eventually bloom. They’re companion plants for my vegetables, to keep bugs off without, you know, needing to use agricultural chemicals. The power of nature, friends!

The little marigolds that could!

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Here are the wee strawberries those marigolds will eventually be protecting.

Coming soon to a yoghurt bowl near you.

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My eggplant is doing really well also.

Some future tisane coming up with style…

Future tea.

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I started some seeds last week, so hopefully I’ll have an update on some tasty tasty vegetables soon…but if you want a preview, you can always follow me on Instagram. (Speaking of previews and keeping up with me, did you know I have a TinyLetter? It’s a newsletter, only…tiny? Anyway, I send it out to you cool kids about once a week with an update on what I’m writing and where. And if you decide you’re sick of me, because who isn’t sometimes, you can unsubscribe later!)

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