In the garden: Too hot, too dry

Oh June. Let’s talk about June. Here are some things that characterised the month of June:

1) Hot. The last few days have been well-nigh unbearable, at least by coastal Northern California standards. There’s no way these temperatures are acceptable under any circumstances unless one is lounging on the bank of a river eating cherries and getting ready to jump in for a swim.

2) Dry. Okay, sure, it spat over the weekend, but that was about it. Other than that, it was dry as a bone. Even the grass is so dry that it’s turning crumbly under my feet, with whole sections of the yard looking like dirt farms because the grass has just given up. It’s so dry I feel like I’m turning into something out of Mad Max: Fury Road. Which wouldn’t be a problem if that thing was Furiosa, honestly.

3) Exhausted. Unrelated to the garden, except tangentially in that I haven’t been able to do much work. Between getting back from Japan, racing to Wisconsin and New York for conferences, and being sick, I have spent the month very, very tired. Note to self: Don’t do Wiscon and BEA back to back EVER AGAIN.

But some things happened in the garden anyway, defying all odds, so let’s take a look.

Bearded irises are still going!

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Wild irises.

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Irises, Douglas and otherwise, were going full tilt in the early part of the month. I love a good iris. There are also a bunch blooming in the woods behind the house, which are flush with rhodies at other times of the year.

Back of beyond.

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The purple theme continues…

I dream of purple.

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And yes, there’s pink too, in the form of this succulent that apparently thrives on neglect and ridiculous heat.

This succulent is having a ball.

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Finally, the buckeye, which continues to prove that despite all claims to the contrary, buckeyes can live just fine on the coast:

Allergy factory…I mean, California buckeye.

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Finally, a note of business: A number of people have written to me about text being cut off in the far right margin on posts. I can’t replicate the error, but reloading it seems to fix the problem, and people have also mentioned that it might be a browser extension conflict because when they turn extensions off, it goes away. I know that this is super annoying, and if someone with WordPress experience has ideas for a fix that aren’t ‘reload’ or ‘turn off your browser extensions,’ I’m open to hearing them.