In the Garden: …Not My Garden

I had this grand plan. After a month of utter chaos, I was going to try to get outside to take some pictures of what’s happening in the garden now that it’s been raining a bit, with the grass slowly turning green and things growing, except that, as it turned out, things were so chaotic that I never actually got a chance to do it. Last month was, to say the least, a massive failure in work/life balance and I never want to repeat it. Ever.

However, I did get to do one fantastic thing in October: Go to Sirens, the annual conference I love. And while I was there, I took some pictures. So, by way of compensating you for not having garden pictures (and because I am way too exhausted to write a proper post today), here are some pictures from the Columbia River Gorge, at Skamania Lodge, where the conference has been held the last three years. (Next year, it moves to Denver!)

Early morning at Skamania Lodge

Sunrises, viewed through the huge windows that look out across the lawn, are always pretty amazing. Even though I don’t like being awake to see the sunrise.

Looking out across the lawn at Skamania LodgeMidday, and gorgeous, with puffs of cloud. The weather while we were there ranged from dumping rain (excellent for the hot tub) and beautiful sun. It being Southern Washington, this could happen in the space of about ten minutes, because that is how the Pacific Northwest rolls.

The view from the firepit at Skamania Lodge.

And afternoon around the fire pit; you’ll have to squint to see the flames. This makes a most excellent lounging spot.

I can’t actually recommend Skamania, because it’s a terrible hotel with incredibly rude and unhelpful desk staff, especially considering the high price and ‘resort’ label, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t pretty. That said, smaller, locally-owned establishments are much more likely to be comfortable, pleasant, and fun to stay in — and you’ll still get all the great Columbia River Gorge views and fun times.