Introducing Disability Intersections

I’m very pleased to announce that a project I’ve been planning, working on, and building finally went live this week. Disability Intersections is a magazine focusing on discussions about disability viewed through an intersectional lens, exploring society, culture, and the lived experience of disability. My long-time colleague Anna Hamilton has joined me as Managing Editor and our growing Editorial and Advisory Board includes a number of great people I’m honoured and excited to work with.

This is a project that cannot survive without the support of the community; we need people to talk about it, link to it, and engage with it, and we need great writers and intersectional minds to submit pitches for pieces they’d be interested in writing for us. We’re looking for works upwards of 1,000 words in length on disability topics including activism, politics, lived experience, society, and culture, with an intersectional angle. At this time, we’re seeking original work, although writers are free to reprint their work elsewhere after it’s been published on Disability Intersections. Pitches can be sent to editors at disabilityintersections dot com, along with a little about the writer and some writing samples.

We’re currently operating on a tip jar funding model, and I encourage those who are able to consider donating; consider it the price of a subscription, if you will. More information about how our funding works, including how it’s distributed, is available on our about page.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.