In the Garden: Nothing to See Here, Move Along

This may wind up being my most boring gardening post ever, for which I apologise profusely. You see, for one thing, I’ve barely been home the last few months, which means that the last time I really worked in the garden was, er, August, when I planted some things before leaving for New York. Meanwhile, weeds would be running amuck if there was rain to sustain them, and the deer are running amuck anyway, because that’s just what deer do; they are making quite a mess of my boronia and I wish they would stop mucking about with them because they’ve already determined that boronia is inedible.

Newsflash, deer, boronia doesn’t magically get edible if you keep stomping on it.

There’s also the fact that, well, it’s October, and it’s very droughty. The lawn is dead and crackling, most of the plants are in hibernation mode, and nothing really cool is happening. In fact, I could only hunt down two plants really worth showing you this month:

A pineapple sage plant in full bloom.

So this is an out-of-focus picture of my pineapple sage, because apparently I no longer know how to operate a camera. I’ve been really pleased with this plant’s performance, actually. As some of you may recall, I bought it to replace something the deer had eaten (story of my life), and it’s proceeded to flourish. It is, as advertised, deer resistant, and it does have a faint pineapply scent that’s rather nice. Plus, these bold red flowers keep going long after other things have given up the ghost.

A plant with delicate cream and purple flowers.

This here is a plant, as you can see. Erm, I knew what it was called when I bought it, and then I forgot, which is also the story of my life. This is also one of the potted plants I established in August that got totally destroyed by deer; as you can see, it has made a bold and defiant comeback. And the deer leave it alone now that it’s on my porch.

Now that I’ve said that, the little punks will come up there tonight and shred it again, I just know it.

Next month: Buuuuulbs.