In the Garden: Summer Days

Over the last month, I’ve been feeling a tad guilty about the amount of neglect I subject the poor garden to on a regular basis, so I set about getting some gardening tasks done. A lot of them were boring things like, uh, weeding and trimming back dead growth, which doesn’t exactly make for thrilling photography.

But I did manage to get some planting in. I took a planter that currently just has bulbs in it and added some plants so it’ll have greenery and colour beyond the spring:

A planter with heliotrope and two other plants.

Unfortunately, despite claims of ‘deer resistance,’ the contents of this planter got pretty thoroughly munched while I was in New York in the middle of the month. By the end of the month they’d started to recover, but I suspect they’re going to be deer snacks again soon unless I cage them.

The same planter, showing recovered growth after deer nibbling.

Here’s another pair of ‘deer resistant’ plants, which were chowed down upon after a single night:

Two plants eaten almost to the nubs

So, you know, yay for my planting endeavors, I guess. I moved these two up onto the porch in the hopes that the deer will be deterred by having to come so close to the house, but they are definitely getting more desperate as the hot, dry summer stretches on. It doesn’t help that they had a good year last year, so there are way too many hungry deer wandering around now.

About the only thing they haven’t gone after at this point is my naked ladies:

A profusion of naked ladies, the flower that is

I’m trying to decide if I like the very distinctive smell of naked ladies or not. I’m thinking maybe not, which is unfortunate considering that they’re one of the few things that manages to survive successfully in my garden.

Finally, this cucumber. It was actually grown by my landlady, not me, but it was too impressive not to share.

A cucumber longer than my arm, and almost as thick