In the Garden: Let’s Do This Thing

It is a universally known fact that people, when presented with free stuff, go into a sort of feeding frenzy that is nothing short of terrifying. Even when people don’t really want or need whatever it is, the very fact that it’s free is enough; Robertson Davies artfully documented the complete decimation of a library in a matter of minutes by eager religious officiants, even, demonstrating that no calling is exempt when it comes to the seduction of free things. So, when a local nursery announced that it was moving locations and giving away the bulk of its existing stock, I knew two things.

1. I had to go. Because FREE THINGS.

2. I had to prepare myself for what was going to be an epic and intense event.

Which indeed it was. I foraged and darted and fought my way through crowds and loaded my car up until it groaned. Some people managed to snag nursery carts, which made their job easier, and others had wisely brought reinforcements to get plants on lockdown as they loaded up. The scene was nothing short of total chaos, marked with occasional tight nods as people attempted to pretend to adhere to basic rules of courtesy as they gazed hungrily at the array of plants on offer. I came early and by the time I left, the nursery looked decimated.

Not solely because of my depredations, but yeah, it’s safe to say I came away with a lot of plants, and then I spent a whole day planting and scheming. Most of them are still in the ‘we are wee and a bit shocked by all of this and also have you noticed that it has been FROSTING’ stage, so I don’t have many photos of the new acquisitions for you, but I can take you on a little tour of what’s going on at the front of the garden at the moment.

Fading Boronia

The Boronia is starting to fade out, although it’s putting in a good effort, and it still smells lovely.

A blooming plant with silvery-green foliage and red flowers

This fellow is getting quite large, despite the fact that it was stomped upon by deer.

The big news is, of course, bulbs, which are starting to think that maybe it’s time to get serious about this business:

Daffodil buds getting ready to burst open

Narcissus in bloom

These narcissus are strategically positioned right under my office window, which means I get to smell them all day. Aces.

A daffodil in bloom

And this is the first daffodil of the year in my garden. Look, I know I’m supposed to call them narcissus too, but, damnit, I grew up calling them daffodils and some old dogs can’t be taught new tricks.

tiny yellow bell-shaped flowers and evergreen leaves

Speaking of things that are yellowish orange, this plant is so cheery that just looking at it makes me want to smile. Until I touch it and its thorny little leaves poke me. And then I frown.

My ‘oh no you don’t, gophers’ barrel of flowers is doing really well:

Lots of foliage in a wine barrel planter, with no blooms just yet

And theoretically, it’s going to be time to plant these soon (see FROST above):

Packets of chard, beet, and pak choi seeds