In the Garden: Two Years!

Today marks the two year anniversary since I moved in to this house, which is kind of boggling for me to ponder. It already feels like I’ve been here forever, although I’m constantly reminded that the garden still has a way to go. When you move at plant pace, things can go slowly.

Thanks to a dry fall with lots of warm weather, things got confused and stayed blooming later than usual or started blooming when they shouldn’t have, so there are a few flowers around to ring in November.

Volunteer violets

These little cutie-pies are volunteering all over the garden, and I really don’t have a problem with that. I’ve been encouraging them where I can in the hopes that they’ll keep spreading.

A pale pink hollyhock

My hollyhock is blooming quite happily; this one is a deliciously frothy shade of light pink.

Bee Balm, a pinkish flower that grows in tall stalks

This is bee balm, which I originally planted under my apple trees. It has now grown larger than the trees (which are more like seedlings at this juncture) and it looks stunning. I’ll be collecting some seeds to see how they do next year.

Boronia, a tiny reddish-brown flower with needle-like green leaves

More boronia

The boronia is really going to town despite the fact that the bloody deer have been having a go at it. Most infuriatingly, they’re tearing bits off and tossing them on the ground when they realise it’s not edible. Why they can’t spread the word that the boronia isn’t worth it and they should give up, I do not know.

Mexican Sage, a plant with silvery green leaves and fuzzy purple flowers

And my Mexican sage is pleased as punch to be blooming, though we’ll see how long that lasts during the frosts. If it dies back again this year I may just tear it out, as I’m tired of having to nurse it along every spring. It’s supposed to be hardy here, but obviously can’t handle too much frost, and the last few winters have been chilly.

I don’t have big plans for the garden next year, beyond encouraging existing things to get them growing big and strong and working on actual trellises for the clematis, which is starting to get a little big for its britches. We shall see what 2013 brings for the garden, and for me.