Can We Challenge Genetic Perfectionism In Science Fiction?

One of my recurring frustrations with science fiction as an overall genre is the tendency towards eliminationism in texts; disabled people are often entirely absent unless they’re being used as plot devices. The idea is that they’d be eradicated by manipulating genetics and using advanced medical techniques to resolve serious injuries and prevent or cure […]

Pink Boys, Tomboys, and Bias

There’s been a lot of coverage of pink boys in the media this year, which, on the one hand, is really exciting. I like seeing people discussing gender nonconforming children and talking about the various forms gender expression can take. And the more information is out there, the more comfortable parents can feel. Instead of […]

How Your Attitudes Might Be Trapping Disabled People In Their Homes

Progressives struggling to grasp the concept of ableism often want to be pointed at specific, real-world examples of how ableism works against disabled people. Despite the fact that disability-based discrimination is a huge social construct that contributes to everything from how policy is made to how spaces are laid out, they want a crystal-clear thing […]