I’m Nominated for the Women’s Media Center’s Social Media Award! Help Me Win!

I’m really excited to announce that I’m on the list of nominees for the Women’s Media Center’s annual Social Media award, which recognises individuals who work to make women and girls more visible in the media. It’s a huge honour and I’m really flattered to be among such great company with the other fine people who’ve been selected.

This award is given on the basis of a popular vote, which is where you come in—I need you to vote for me, and I need you to tell your friends to do the same, and for them to tell their friends, and so on. Here’s the voting page, and please do spread that link far and wide, because I need you to show the Women’s Media Center and other news organisations that social justice media is vibrant, alive, and filled with a variety of complex personalities who talk about a lot of diverse issues.

A quick note on gender: Some of you may be wondering why a genderqueer was nominated for an award of this nature, assuming either that I don’t deserve to be under consideration or that I was misgendered by the Women’s Media Center. I want to say that this is actually something we discussed before I accepted the nomination and the list went public; they actually reached out to me with concerns because they wanted to make sure I felt comfortable with being included in the lineup, and I do.

As a genderqueer nominee (and hopefully the first genderqueer honouree!), I’m making history not just for myself but for other genderqueer people in the media. We are here, we are active, and we do count. My work is definitely in alignment with the WMC’s mission and I work in solidarity with women and girls every day in addition to advancing the cause of equality for people of all genders. This award is not just about the gender of the recipient, but about that recipient’s work and lived experience.

Voting will be open until 29 October, with an awards ceremony scheduled on 13 November. I’d really love to be there, so why not vote and help make it happen?