In the Garden: Summer Blooms

Okay, first off, it’s been ridiculously hot lately. Which means the garden is sucking down absurd amounts of water and I can barely set a foot outdoors without wishing I was back in the shady and cool northern half of the house[1. The Southern half is wicked hot at the moment, much to Leila’s chagrin.]. However, between the waves of heat, things are still blooming, and looking mighty fine:

Stunning red lilies

These lilies, a gift from Gowan, are looking absolutely beautiful. I could bring them in as cut flowers (assuming I could find a spot out of reach of cats) but I kind of enjoy seeing them blooming in the yard instead.


The heather is starting to blush with tiny pink blossoms and it looks rather fetching.

California Buckeye

A small corner of the buckeye tree, which I really need to prune. As usual, I don’t have the heart. Currently, it looks like a giant umbrella drooping onto the lawn. I’m kind of okay with that.

A stem of small orange flowers blooming

I totally forget what these are, but they smell good and look nice. I was worried they might have been permanently down for the count after the hard frosts in the winter, but low and behold, they’re back and ready for more this summer.


This blue sage has a really intense, hypersaturated colour. It also didn’t fare well in the frost, but has recovered really well.

Dragon's Beard

The dragon’s beard should do just fine as long as the deer don’t eat it.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Summer Bulbs; little white bell-shaped flowers

These bulbs are going strong, but they keep falling over because their stalks are so long. Hence, propping them up on parts of the porch.

A poppy and pod

I had way more of these volunteer poppies last year; this year, only one made it to maturity. I will definitely dry the pod and save the seeds for next year, though, because they’re quite lovely.

Two fawns on my lawn

And next year’s crop of deer are growing in as well.