Are You Watching Luther?

I was blissfully unaware of this series until I stumbled across it on Netflix while taking advantage of a trial free account to greedily watch as much television as humanly possible, and I’m really glad I found it. In addition to being extremely irritated with everyone around me for not telling me it existed. Seriously, […]

A Study In Contrasts With Intense Friendships On Television: Partners and Sherlock

There will be not one but two intense platonic friendships on television this year, which is really exciting in a pop culture landscape where romantic connections or growing romantic connections seem to be the order of the day. Looking at pop culture and never seeing yourself gets immensely frustrating after a while, and the general […]

Does My Disability Pride Scare You?

Nondisabled people are often extremely uncomfortable around expressions of disability pride and culture. The very idea that disability confers membership in a specific community, and is about more than a particular physical, cognitive, or intellectual impairment, seems deeply frightening and sometimes alienating. Disability is viewed as inherently isolating, an unrelenting tragedy; that people might not […]

Bully Politics

In May, information about Mitt Romney’s schooldays surfaced, indicating that he had a history of bullying as a youth. This sparked a great deal of discussion about Romney’s actions and his fitness for the Presidency, as well as speculation about whether he’d reformed. Some people even questioned whether he had really been a bully, despite […]