In the Garden: Flowers!

It’s too early to plant things outdoors, although that didn’t stop me from seeding some marigolds, just because I could, just in time to watch them get totally hosed by the frost. Sigh. But, in brighter news, things that flower are starting to do their flowering thing, and it is rather exciting, because I like flowers.

Grape Hyacinths in bloom

Grape hyacinths are always the first bulbs to appear. Initially there’s a tiny dot of blue, and then more and more, and suddenly there’s a whole blanket of them next to the porch. They let me know that things are stirring deep underground, and I feel this little quiver of excitement, because I know what is coming.

A single yellow daffodil

Daffodils. This was the first of the year, but there will be more. Already, bright yellow patches are starting to appear by the sides of the road as they peek up from underground. Every year, I resolve to plant more daffodils, and I always space it. This year, there will be more daffodils in the fall. There must be.

Flowering Currant

My flowering currents are really starting to go to town. Each day it seems like there are more blooms and they are opening up a little bit wider. Quite a difference from last month, when they were just starting to bud out.

Boronia, a plant with ball-shaped brown flowers

My Australian invaders are doing beautifully. The Boronia is heavily perfuming the air, and it seems to have recovered from the deer attacks last fall. One is looking a little sad—I suspect gopher incursion.

Which means the gopher war is on. You hear that, gophers? IT’S ON.

A closeup of tiny red flowers

The Grevillea is also having a merry time. It’s put out a lot of new growth since last year, and the little buds some of you  may remember from last month are turning into full-blown flower. With some topdressing once the weather gets a tad warmer, I think it’s going to explode with growth this year.


I love primroses. Their subtle scent, their relentlessly cheerful colour, and the fact that they will bloom for an extended period of time if you keep pinching them back. These have been going steadily for quite a while.

Spring is officially three weeks away; this feels like everyone rustling into place behind the wings so they can burst out in full colour onto the stage the minute the curtain goes up.