Needs In Conflict: Fisheries, Birds, and So Much More

A recent study explored the balance between fisheries and seabird populations. What the scientists found was that surprisingly minimal drops in the fishery could be catastrophic for the birds, limiting the ability to reproduce and thrive and raising the risk that populations could plummet. The study highlighted the need for better fisheries management overall to […]

Mothers In Politics

Politics provide a great example of how insidiously messaging about gender roles persists despite pushback. The belief that women belong in the home is still strong, and it’s especially strong in the case of mothers, who are expected to drop everything and dedicate their lives to their children. Mothers are apparently incapable of balancing work […]

Denial As Virtue

We humans have such a confused, twisted, snarled relationship with food. We can’t seem to decide what to do with it or how to respond to it and we come up with baroque rules to surround ourselves with, not just so we can feel secure around food but so that we can judge others who […]


She’s thinning carrots when I get out to the house, bent awkwardly over the barrel, trying to balance the ungainly weight of the pregnancy against the pull of gravity. She looks much larger than I had imagined she would, far too large for someone who isn’t carrying twins, like she has a fully grown adult […]