Cultural Framings of Unemployment: Happenstance, Not Inevitable Systemic Outcome

Narratives about unemployment have undergone some fascinating shifts as the economy adjusts to growing numbers of unemployed people. Historically, unemployment was evidently something only shiftless, lazy people experienced because they couldn’t even get it together enough to have jobs. Now, that appears to have changed, and we see a shift to unemployment as something that […]

On Cooking Alone

As someone who lives alone and eats most of my meals alone, I spend a lot of time cooking alone. I like cooking, so this isn’t a particularly onerous or upsetting state of affairs, but it can be tiring. Cooking takes work, and when you are very busy with a wide ranging number of tasks, […]

Hear Me Speak, Read Me Write

Two items of potential interest to you, gentle readers! Item the first: Anna Hamilton and I are in the Frontier issue of Bitch Magazine, with ‘Access & Praxis—disability at the digital frontier.’ We cowrote it and she illustrated it. It’s pretty awesome. If you want to hear us talk about it, you can check out […]