Where Does the Line Between Vital Services and Charity Lie?

Starting in the Bush Administration, there was an increasing push in the United States to privatise the provision of welfare programmes from education to food assistance. The administration popularised the idea of ‘faith-based charities’ that could provide services so the government wouldn’t have to, and promoted a sort of ‘every person for themselves’ approach to […]

How Dare the FDA Do Its Job!

The origins of the Food and Drug Administration lie in a sort of wild West of unregulated medical practice, a world where anything could be slapped in a bottle and called a tonic, even if it killed people, where no regulations existed to protect food products, where people could merrily push contaminated cheese and whatever […]

The Coding of Fatness

When was the last time you encountered a neutral depiction of a fat person? A casual illustration at the side of a news article, say, discussing a topic that has nothing to do with fat, one that perhaps needs people as an illustration, like coverage of people relaxing on the beach to beat the summer […]