Attack of the Fanpeople!

I was recently having a conversation with Annaham about the role of very aggressive fans in pop culture, and in how people talk about and engage with the creators of pop culture. The fans I speak of are the ones who believe their creators can do no wrong. Who consume every piece of content from […]

Rape Culture, Above the Fold

Last year, I discussed the role of sexism in journalism and the fact that women working in journalism need to contend with sexism in the workplace, on interviews, in the field. In addition to the obstacles that can present themselves to journalists, like reluctant sources, obstructionist governments, and editorial budgets, women also need to deal […]

Aboard the U-505

I just returned from a trip to Chicago, where I did many exciting things, one of which was take a tour aboard the U-505, one of the few remaining U-boats left in the world. I was assured by many people that if I did only one thing in Chicago, this should be it; clearly people […]

The Longest Day

After today, the days will start shortening up. It will happen slowly, at first. I probably won’t notice for at least a week and then I’ll start to wonder if I’m working later than I thought I was because the sun seems lower in the sky than it should be. A strange feeling will creep […]