Exploitation Goes By Many Names

One of the consequences of the social devaluation of disability is the devaluation of care providers, at the same time they are lauded as brave and heroic for taking on the ‘burden’ of disability; this is seen especially starkly with parents of disabled children, who often encounter the attitude that they are superhuman for not […]

To Remember the Dead

The origins of Memorial Day lie in Decoration Day, a Civil War-era tradition that began in the South around 1865. The practice of visiting cemeteries in an organised way on specific dates is common to many cultures; in some, you date your cemetery visits on a calendar based on the death of the loved one, […]

Poor Little Rich People

For those not flying in high tax brackets, rumours are in the air that, to make up for serious budget shortfalls, the government wants to limit eligible charitable deduction contributions for people in the top tax bracket. Museums and other charitable organizations have expressed concerns about this policy change because they think it may create […]

Wanted: Natural Fibers

I’m pretty picky about what I wear, especially in the case of things that are going to be directly against my skin. I can’t wear polyester because it makes my skin go all haywire[1. Rashes, bumps, extreme dryness leading to painful cracks, itchy.] and I’m not really a fan of other synthetic fibers because they’re […]