Glee: A Night of Neglect

So, I confess, I’d been putting off watching Glee this week, for a variety of reasons, so I apologise to the people who wanted to know where my review was; there are only so many hours in the day and I have many, many things to do in them, and honestly watching this show tends […]

On Causes and Cures

As a member of the trans community, I often encounter people who desperately want to know why people are transgender. What happens to ‘make’ people trans. The same root search for a cause also comes up with asexuality, with cognitive disabilities like autism. Huge amounts of money and time are dedicated to asking ‘why,’ and […]

The Bill in the Wall

I cannot remember what we were hiding from. We were nestled back in the darkest corner of the shop, and took care to hold very still when anyone passed by. Maybe we weren’t hiding from anything. Sometimes you don’t need something specific to hide from, you just feel like hiding. We were behind piles of […]

Beyond the Binary: Body Image

There’s a common and persistent myth that nonbinary people don’t struggle with body image. If we are outside the binary, surely we do not experience the pressures people on the binary do to look and behave a certain way. I rarely see issues of nonbinary body image being explored, let alone discussions of how body […]

Day of Silence

Youth across the United States today are participating in the Day of Silence to challenge name calling, harassment, and bullying inflicted upon students with genders and sexualities that don’t conform with social norms. As a supporter of youth rights, I feel like the Day of Silence is a very important thing to pay attention to; […]

Clearing Up Some Misconceptions on Tribal Hunting and Fishing Rights

I see a lot of misconceptions swirling around tribal resource rights, particularly hunting and fishing. People with minimal understanding often repeat the claim that tribal people can ‘do whatever they want’ on tribal land even if it means ‘stealing’ resources from other people. Some like to suggest that it’s not ‘fair’ for tribes to get […]