In the Garden: Out Like A Lamb

Oh, Internet, let me tell you about March. It rained and rained and rained and rained and rained. I thought it was never going to end. There was a week where we got an inch of rain almost every day. (That’s, like, a million centimetres!) Everything was wet and soggy and dull and I felt like it was never going to dry out. Ever. It didn’t just rain, it stormed, petulantly. Thunder and lightning and wind. It was rather awful, actually.

And then, yesterday, the sky dawned perfectly clear, and it was sunny and beautiful and warm, and I flung open all the windows, mowed the lawn, and took a bunch of pictures of the garden to take advantage of the fair weather while I could. Because it is not the sort of day that you spend indoors slogging away on work. (I promise it will be finished by deadline!)

Anemone: A red anemone flower with a white centre and very narrow petals

These anemones are coming up differently from the ones in the flowerbox, with smaller, frillier petals. That’s a freesia just starting to bud out next to this one. Freesias are what you call late bloomers.

Anemone: A purple anemone with narrow petals.

I planted some violas in a new bed and they settled in well despite the torrential rains:

Violas, small purple flowers with heart-shaped leaves

They are really busting out with the flowers, and starting to put out tendrils like they want to spread out. Hooray!

Spoons: Several spoons that appear to be growing out of the ground, along with two forks. One fork is very small.

I was worried that the spoons might have rotted underground with all the wet, but they straggled to the surface! Apparently forks are kind of a chronic problem around the property; I’ll try to weed them out, but I suspect they’ll be back.

The lupines are doing well, even though I accidentally squashed one with the lawn mower wheel (it was perking back up by the afternoon):

Lupine: A single lupine, with vigorous foliage

The Grevillea has been looking a little downtrodden, so I was worried, but it’s putting out new growth:

Grevillea, with tender new growth

The grape hyacinths are proving to have serious stamina:

Grape Hyacinth: A single grape hyacinth, happily blooming.

And the bulbs in general are coming up in all colours and all directions. It’s really rather delightful.

Budding Daffodils: Two bright yellow daffodils

White and Yellow: A spray of narcissus

All in all, life in the garden is pretty good.

Buckeye Tree: A tree leafing out over a bed of daffodils and a birdbath.