Every Animal Has A Story

There’s a narrative in the animal welfare community that’s been particularly irking me lately. With millions of homeless and unwanted animals across the United States, shelters facing budget cuts and declining donations, many regions are facing a crisis with animals in need of homes, and nowhere to go. Yet, this is rarely covered. The media […]

Glee: Born This Way

Two things about this week’s episode: It was bad, from a purely structural/entertainment standpoint. Also, it was bad. Did I mention it was bad? And I didn’t like the music, but that’s because the numbers they chose this week were just not to my taste. The episode was all over the map, like the creative […]

Internships and Exploitation

It seems like every day I’m spotting a new ad for an organisation seeking unpaid interns. Unpaid internships have a long tradition, of course, but it does seem, at least on superficial glance, like there are more of them than ever before. Talking to people seeking work, there’s definitely been an uptick in people telling […]

Fiction: Tongs

A flower blooms inside her teacup. It starts out very small, as a coiled ball with streaks of colour, and as it warms and softens in the water, tendrils start to trail out and it opens, revealing meticulously arranged tea leaves. Through the water, it looks like a dried flower seen from very far away; […]