Health Does Not Equal Worth

The idea that people have an obligation to be healthy has been popping up more, I suspect as a reactionary response to debates about health care and increased scaremongering about ‘the obesity epidemic.’ People attempt to divide each other into good and bad categories based on health, and efforts surrounding personal health and ‘wellness,’ and […]

‘It’s all in your head’

Women who identify and resist sexism are challenged and silenced in a number of ways. One of the most insidious is the casual dismissal of ‘it’s all in your head.’ ‘I don’t really see what the big deal is.’ ‘I think you’re reading something that isn’t really there.’ ‘You’re just making it up.’ It’s a […]

Striking Class Divisions in Unintended Pregnancies

Since 1994, the rate of unintended pregnancies in the US has remained fairly stagnant, hovering around 5%. The demographics that underlie that rate, however, are not stagnant; among low income people, there’s actually been an increase, weighted out by the decrease among wealthy patients. Such disparities in health outcomes for people in differing social classes […]

The US Is Wasting Vast Sums On Mandatory Immigration Detention

Under the Constitution, people are entitled to all sorts of rights, particularly around personal liberties and freedoms. The current state of the immigration system in the United States is clearly violating some of these rights, in spirit if not in actual fact. Case in point is immigration detention; under the law, immigrants can be indefinitely […]