Driven to Predatory Loans

A car can be a powerful tool, especially for low-income people in communities with inadequate public transit, which is many. Lack of transportation can be a barrier to seeking work, to getting adequate nutrition, to reaching a doctor’s office. And yet, reliable, safe cars are out of reach of many because of their high cost. […]

Woah, Careful With Those Pesticides! Pesticide Overuse on US Farms

Advocates have been warning about the dangers of pesticide overuse since the 1990s, and as yet, the agriculture industry shows no signs of adjusting its practices to address these concerns, protect the environment, and create a safer place for workers. The pressures on farmers to use pesticides are considerable, but the costs of continuing down […]


People often like to say that California does not have seasons. These are the same witty people who seem to be under the impression that the entire state is a palm-lined beach that remains a balmy 72 degrees year-round. This despite the fact that California is an extremely large state. With mountains. And ski resorts. […]


There is a thing that happens before the sunrise, where the sky is dark and still in the east with the occasional winking star, and then something seems to shift, quietly. If you blink and look again it will be gone, but if you wait long enough and relax your gaze, it reappears, the faintest […]