Driven to Predatory Loans

A car can be a powerful tool, especially for low-income people in communities with inadequate public transit, which is many. Lack of transportation can be a barrier to seeking work, to getting adequate nutrition, to reaching a doctor’s office. And yet, reliable, safe cars are out of reach of many because of their high cost. […]

Woah, Careful With Those Pesticides! Pesticide Overuse on US Farms

Advocates have been warning about the dangers of pesticide overuse since the 1990s, and as yet, the agriculture industry shows no signs of adjusting its practices to address these concerns, protect the environment, and create a safer place for workers. The pressures on farmers to use pesticides are considerable, but the costs of continuing down […]

Subsidies and Inequities

The debate about organic, sustainable agriculture versus conventional food production methods often ends up revolving around price, especially end prices for consumers. Campaigns urging people to buy organic sometimes gloss over the increased price of organic products, especially those that remain true to the spirit of organic agriculture, in contrast with industrial organics, which are […]

Fear and the Bootstraps

Fear is powerful motivator, and that becomes especially apparent in troubled times. As the economy has crashed, rather than crumbling, the bootstraps myth seems to endure harder than ever, which reveals interesting things about the human psyche. Even with all evidence to the contrary, we will continue to believe in things that do not make […]