Plague, Day Zero

Dr. Jane Diamond adjusted the microscope carefully, seeking the elusive structure that seemed to disappear every time she attempted to look at it straight on. It, she suspected, held the key to her research, if only she could document that it really did exist, and wasn’t just a figment of her imagination. She was tautly […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Advertising

I was recently having a conversation with Lauredhel about pushbacks to feminist discussions about advertising. Feminist critiques of ad campaigns meet with responses ranging from ‘don’t you have something more important to do’ to ‘it’s advertising, what do you expect.’ I think what some of these critiques miss is that feminist conversations about advertising do […]

What Are You Supporting, Exactly?

One of the things that accompanies ‘awareness’ campaigns is the idea that people need to ‘support’ the subject of the campaign in some way. People are sold things like lewd t-shirts and ridiculous rubber bracelets and bumperstickers not only because these things are said to make people more ‘aware,’ but because displaying them in some […]

Any Colour, So Long As It’s Green: Race, Class, and the Environmental Movement

The environmental movement has some serious housekeeping to do, and it’s always kind of amazing to me that it is, technically, a branch of the social justice movement, because, well, the environment is a social justice issue, but the environmental movement has a lot of work to do on its handling of social justice. The […]