Eavesdroppers Seldom Hear Anything Pleasant: Have You Ever Read Your Medical Records?

Two recent articles delved into what seems like a pretty simple question: Should patients read their own medical records? Particularly the notes doctors jot down in the course of diagnosis and treatment? It seems like it should be self evident. Your medical records are, after all, about you. That means they contain information that might […]

Disability and the House Key: Housing Discrimination, Disabilities, and Where the Law Falls Short

A 1988 amendment to the Fair Housing Act in the United States specifically banned housing discrimination on the basis of ability status. Under the law in the United States, landlords, mortgage lenders, and management companies legally cannot discriminate against people with disabilities when it comes to renting and selling housing. ‘All types of housing transactions,’ […]

I Read Romance Novels. So What?

Guaranteed conversationstopper in a group of people who like to consider themselves liberal and well educated: The words ‘I read romance novels’ or ‘I was reading a romance the other day and…’ or some combination thereof. Romance novels, you see, are simply Not Done in our circles. Well, I’ve got news for you: I read […]