Wriggly Tangerines

Forrest Wilder at the Texas Observer: The BP Screw-Up We Almost Didn’t Hear About

If the most-hated corporation in America releases a massive quantity of toxic chemicals and nobody hears about it does it matter?

Nicholas Riccardi at the Los Angeles Times:  Fleeing Phoenix out of fear of immigration law

“The business is broken,” said Katchi, who has operated his shop at this intersection for 14 years. “After the 29th of July, what happens? Maybe I have to close the store.”

Seth Freed Wessler at Colorlines: Salvadoran Man Commits Suicide in Immigration Detention

Mr. Reyes-Zelaya is the eight person to die in ICE detention in fiscal year 2010, according to ICE, and at least 112 detainees have died since 2003.

The Independent: Trafigura fined over toxic waste

Oil trading company Trafigura was today fined a million euros (£840,000) for exporting hazardous waste to Ivory Coast and hiding the cargo’s dangerous nature when it was unloaded from a ship in Amsterdam.

The Economist: Rough justice

America is different from the rest of the world in lots of ways, many of them good. One of the bad ones is its willingness to lock up its citizens (see our briefing).