Seasons Have Changed Again

Summer officially begins today in the United States, it being the longest day of the year. This always seems a little bit unfair to me, like the solstice should be hitting at the height of summer, rather than marking the start, because it’s all downhill from here. The days are only going to get shorter. […]

On Cure Evangelism

Cure evangelism is a scourge which seems unlikely to vanish any time soon, so we may as well address it and have a little chat about what it is, why it is problematic, and what you, personally, can do about it. This is not just a problem which affects people with disabilities. Fat folks are […]

Social Justice Matters: Justice On Parole

Parole is a concept with which many people are undoubtedly familiar. In the justice system in this country, people sent to prison are often eligible for parole after fulfilling at least a percentage of their sentences. Under parole, prisoners are released back into society, subject to certain restrictions, and they are monitored after release.┬áThere are […]

Bootstrapping Priorities

One of the most pervasive and bizarre myths in the United States is that of pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps. The origins of this term lie in the idea that pulling on your own bootstraps to lift yourself up would actually be extremely challenging, since you would be fighting physics among other things. In […]