True Blood: It Hurts Me Too

Content warning: This post contains discussions about True Blood through season three, episode three, ‘It Hurts Me Too.’ It also discusses violent sexuality that occurred in said episode. If you’d like to skip it, you can read ‘Glee and the Great Dichotomy,’ today’s feature post. I don’t think I want to do a True Blood […]

Glee and the Great Dichotomy

So. Let’s talk about Glee now that we’ve had a bit of breathing room without new episodes being crammed down our throats every week. The argument that I most commonly see used to ‘explain’ the show to people like me who don’t like it, or people who like it but don’t like the depictions, is […]

From the Deep

Read the first part of this story, ‘Giorgos and the Octopus,’ if you feel so inclined. The story of Giorgos became common fodder in the kafenia. As people softly clicked their backgammon tiles to and fro and drank ouzo and cried ‘ai gamisou‘ at each other in a good natured way and snacked on mezze, […]

Why, Thank You! You’re Too Kind

I’ve been mulling over Plumcake’s post about accepting compliments since she wrote it way back in April. One of the things about being read as a woman is that I internalise a lot of behaviours that society expects of women. This includes some things I really don’t like, one of which is constantly denigrating myself […]

At the Pool

It is the summer of my 11th year. I am on the border between Spain and Portugal, and it is hot. It was hot all the way across Spain, and it’s hotter here, it feels like I am going to melt. I am not accustomed to heat of this level, coming from a temperate climate. […]