Lost: Across the Sea

Content Note: This post contains spoilers through episode six, season 15 of Lost, ‘Across the Sea.’ If you do not want to be spoiled (or don’t want to read about Lost), feel free to click through and read ‘What’s For Dinner?

So uhm woah. I’ve got some theories but they are pretty half baked and I am not going to put them out there just yet because my brain is pretty much a blancmange at this point and I don’t want to look completely foolish. But, if you’re interested, take a gander at the Book of Matthew around Chapter 26, and tell me if you see what I see. I pretty much jumped right to this during a certain scene which just goes to show you how thoroughly Christian culture indoctrinates even the non-Christians.

I must say, it was rather nice to not see Jack and Kate for almost a whole episode. I kind of like these backstory episode for that very reason, it’s a nice break from characters I really don’t like and couldn’t give a flying fartle about. The fact that those characters are not only the leads but pretty much the only ones left is really getting to be kind of a problem.

This was a pretty sneaky episode. They set it up like ‘ok, it’s the end, now the action starts’ and then bam they threw this backstory curveball at us. I also love how Lost chose to introduce another woman, but also made sure that we all knew she was ‘crazy’ as Nameless puts it, baby-stealing, murderous, and a total McEvilpants. I mean, what the shit was that? How many purges have these people carried out in the name of ‘protecting the Island’? How many women on Lost need to be portrayed as deceptive, self-interested liars before, yes, we get the point, all women are deceptive self-interested liars (and often babystealers).

They couldn’t even bother to give Nameless a name? And McEvilpants couldn’t even be arsed to, like, not constantly remind Jacob that he’s not special until she’s trapped at the very end and then makes up some line of crap about how he will understand later? No wonder the guy’s bitter and kind of really into making his own rules for things. He was basically ignored until it was convenient and then charged with Protecting the Island and then murdered his brother. All Nameless wanted to do was get off the Island which, you know, is not completely unreasonable, all things considered?

And uhm how about that cheesy light and the special effects and stuff. This episode was the big ‘answer’ episode and it basically felt like, ok, let’s make up a bunch of magic stuff about the light inside every man and then, like, throw someone into a giant cave and watch a smoke monster come out. Woo! How about those vampires?

If this post seems all over the place it’s because I feel a bit loopy today and also, more to the point, this episode made me feeling even loopier. I felt pretty much just pissed after last week and was hoping Lost would really pull it out of the hat and let me tell you, whatever’s inside the hat is still firmly inside there and I’m pretty much going ‘what?’ There are two (well, three, the finale is technically two episodes) episodes left and at this point…well…I’m going to watch them because I’m been here this long and why stop now but I just feel completely disillusioned by this show.

We’ve got, what, three and a half hours left to go? I’m really intrigued to see how all of this gets pulled together at this point and I will say that I’m going to be mighty impressed if they manage to not make a complete bollocks out of it. Right now, forecast is definitely cloudy with a strong chance of bollocks, you know what I’m sayin’?

That’s about all I’ve got, folks. I am going to try to hash out this theory a bit more and see if I muster up the energy to post it. It’s been a very long week. Yes I know it’s Wednesday.