Remembering the Dead

I think today of friends and foes I will not see again. We have strange and peculiar ways of honouring our dead; we do so by creating a three day holiday so that people can roast weenies and go to the beach. I want to appreciate the spirit of this, and indeed have often said […]

Reassessing Kurt

I’m having a protracted email exchange with a reader, and we’re talking about a lot of things, but most particularly Kurt, and I’m really rethinking and reevaluating his character, in response both to this conversation and other conversations I’ve had about Kurt. The thing for me with Glee, as I recently mentioned, is that the […]

Glee: Theatricality

So, remember how, writing about Glee last week, I discussed the fact that the show is straddling a strange divide between feeling filled with stiff, awkward, Teachable Moments, and the over the top camp that the show is getting so much attention for? And how I said that really wasn’t working for me, on a […]

Lost: The End

Content note: This post contains a discussion of the Lost finale, ‘The End.’ If you don’t want to be spoiled (or don’t care about Lost), feel free to mosey on over and check out ‘In My Eye,’ today’s post of posty goodness. Yes I am tired and making up words. So. I’m still kind of […]

In My Eye

I recently joined a photography community where users are provided with periodic prompts and post one thing each day. While it’s not specifically in the rules of the community, I have been challenging myself to take a picture every day, rather than hunting through my archives to try and find things that match up with […]