Language Matters: ‘Undocumented’ versus ‘Illegal’

Immigration has been a simmering issue in the United States for a long time, and I suspect that it is about to explode in the very near future. Tensions are building and the economy is crumbling, and that’s going to lead to, well, problems. Problems like the horrific law recently passed in Arizona mandating that […]

Glee: Home

This week on Glee: Alcoholism, coping with loss, and…body positivity? I’ve kind of given up on discussing a lot of the problematic aspects of the show; you either think that, say, alcoholism is an acceptable subject for joking, or you don’t. You either find this kind of humour appealing, as many critics do, or you […]

The Cruelest Cuts

The rumblings have been present for a considerable length of time. Two years ago, it was already evident that California was about to experience some monetary woes, and the situation has only grown worse since then. The state is in dire financial straits. Foreclosure rates are extremely high across California communities. Our unemployment rate is […]

Any Representation Is A Good Representation?

Glee has won a lot of awards. Several of these awards have been specifically given on the grounds of the show’s depiction of marginalised groups. A Peabody Award for ‘the musical dramedy that revolves around the motley members of a high-school choral club [that] hit especially high notes with episodes such as ‘Wheels,’ about the […]