Lost: The Package

Spoiler Warning: This post contains details about season six, episode ten of Lost, ‘The Package.’ I’m giving you not one, but two spoiler avoidance links today: My post on the Transgender Day of Visibility, and abby jean’s excellent post over at FWD, ‘Happy Cesar Chavez Day!‘ I have a confession to make: This episode kind […]

Adult Inaction on Statutory Rape, Stalking, and Harassment Leads to Death of 15 Year Old Student

Content Note: This post contains discussions of abuse, bullying, rape, rape culture, suicide, and slut shaming. I was horrified this morning when I cracked open my RSS feed to read a story from the New York Times about charges being brought in Massachusetts against nine students who harried a young woman to death. ‘9 Teenagers […]

Watermelon Seeds

We are sitting on the jetty, a plate of perfect sunshine yellow watermelon slices between us. The plate is made from blueish-green glass spotted with bubbles, slightly uneven in a way which is supposed to suggest that it was made by an artisan, and each slice of watermelon is miraculously proportionate in relation to the […]

Sour Victory

Actress Gabourey Sidibe was recently recognised with an Academy Award nomination for her work in Precious. I haven’t seen Precious yet, but it sounds like the recognition was well deserved, from the reviews I’ve read and the people I’ve talked with about the film. This is a huge victory; to be nominated is an immense […]

The Devil and Aaron Vargas

Warning: This post includes discussions of rape, child molestation, murder, and suicide. These are the facts: In Fort Bragg, California on 8 February 2009, Aaron Vargas drove to Darrell McNeill’s trailer and shot him, once, with an antique pistol after an argument. McNeill took half an hour to die while Aaron and Liz McNeill, Darrell’s […]