Wild Strawberries

I am sitting in a fir tree, eating wild strawberries. Wild strawberries, at least the kind found in Northern California, are a strangely unsatisfying fruit. I think it is perhaps the result of all of the metaphor and expectations which are built up around wild strawberries, and the false promise each fruit holds. They are […]

Female Celebrities Behaving Oddly? It Must Be Mental Illness!

My pal Ouyang Dan from FWD/Forward has written two great posts recently talking about the way the public devours celebrity, and specifically about the way in which the public frames female celebrity. “The Public Consumption of Britney” is up over at Bitch Magazine, and “On Speculation and Boundaries…” was published at FWD after the unexpected […]

Are You Buying Yet?

Some interesting things are going on in the world of real estate. Given that interesting things in the world of real estate were directly responsible for many of the not-fun things happening in the economy right now, I think it’s worth paying attention to them. Especially since many of these interesting things show that the […]