3 December, 2009

Glee: Mattress

3 December, 2009 // 24 Comments

Trigger Warning: This post includes a graphic description of a scene in which domestic violence occurs. I am somewhat amused at the fact that the only shows I write about these days are the ones that are pissing me off. This episode continued the ...

What Is Normal?

3 December, 2009 // 1 Comment

We’ve been getting a lot of requests over at FWD/Forward to talk about medical marijuana, and I was recently having a conversation with some of the FWD contributors about what a complex issue this is, for me. I ended up going on quite the ...

Spotted Oranges

3 December, 2009 // 0 Comments

The Curvature: 13-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide After Classmates Spread Nude Photos (Trigger warning) Even after she died because she couldn’t cope anymore, the newspaper is sitting there telling her that she was the one to blame. My one word ...