Thursday Night Family Circle

This evening’s photographs come from a 1946 issue of Family Circle, which is, incidentally, rather mildewy, as I discovered to my chagrin when I pulled it out to photograph. Fortunately, you don’t have to be exposed to the mildew to enjoy the awesome. You can hover over the images to read descriptions and transcriptions of the text.

Cover of the June 28, 1946 Family Circle.   Image includes a red border along the top and left of the magazine cover, with The Family Circle in white script. A black and white photograph of an extremely unhappy looking tabby cat clad in wedding apparel dominates the cover.

Look at this cat.

Let’s all say it together, shall we?


Remind me never to buy Wheaties. Not that I did anyway.

I love the halo surrounding this soap. It suggests that showering may become a religious experience with Sierra Pine Soap in hand!

2 Replies to “Thursday Night Family Circle”

  1. I went to baking with the “forest fragrance in every cake” and wondered why you’d want to eat a cake that tasted like “forest” and then I realised that it meant cake of soap.

    Though after baking my partner went to urinal cake and was still disturbed.

  2. I have to admit, baking is where I went first, and I was like “wha…why…how…forest fragrance?!” It took me a minute to figure out it was soap.

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