15 October, 2009


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air so thick with the scent of fermenting grapes that to breathe is to be intoxicated, sliding across a sea of wine. a wine dark sea. see dark wine. coppery leaves swirl in the lights, stirred up beneath me, while wisps of fog lie coyly across the ...

Thursday Night Good Housekeeping

15 October, 2009 // 4 Comments

Time for a trip in the wayback machine to September, 1954, when Good Housekeeping cost .35c and children with rosy cheeks were on the covers of national magazines. Hamilton ad; click through to read full image description, including transcription of ...

Playing the Name Game

15 October, 2009 // 8 Comments

Periodically, a new flurry of outrage about a really old and really tired topic is stirred up in femiblogland. This topic is, of course, women who change their names when they marry. Inevitably, someone starts it off with a round of “women who ...