One Of My Best Friends Is…

It’s supposed to be the triumphal moment in the argument. Backed into a bit of a corner, the person in the wrong finally musters the argument-killing blow: “Well, one of my best friends is [a member of a minority group], and ou says…” After this statement is pronounced, the person who is wrong sits back, […]

This Is My Body That You Are Talking About

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in case you’ve been wondering why the world around you suddenly went pink. Now, I happen to think that breast cancer awareness is a very good thing, and that educating people about breast cancer and numerous other health issues is a terrific idea. I hate breast cancer. And cancer […]

What Do You Get When You Combine a Press Junket, Uninformed Bloggers, Angry Activists, and the Internet?

A mess. Is what you get. Readers may have noted that I’ve been including links to discussions about Nestle in the last few days, and some of you may have been wondering what the sudden uptick in Nestle-related stuff is all about. Those of you who follow my Twitter (I’m sorry, Meridith, I know I […]