Logical Inconsistencies and Inherent Hypocrisy

Over at Deeply Problematic, RMJ recently wrote about a logical inconsistency which is a personal failing of mine: eating meat. Her post, “On being an unethically meat-eating feminist,” is a good read, and I’m not going to bother to try and summarize it here. It’s a quick read, she explores the issue in some interesting […]

On Ownership, Marking the Body, and Tattooing As A Feminist Act

I was recently having lunch with my father, who is not a big fan of my tattoos, when the topic of my tattoos came up. It seems to be a quarterly event; I think that he’s really trying to grasp them, and an aspect of myself he didn’t knew existed, by exploring them, and he […]

Advocate This

I’ve decided that I have really gotten tired of people “playing the devil’s advocate” in discussions about issues like feminism, racism, ableism, LGBQT rights, and so forth. These people are usually male, usually white, usually ablebodied, usually straight, and usually eager to point out that they don’t personally believe the point of view they’re bringing […]