Return to Caspar Cemetery

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Caspar Cemetery lately for Grave Stories, and I’m surprised by how many graves there are in such a small space, and also by how much they change and wear. Some headstones which were readable last year, for example, are totally murky now.

Anyway, I thought I’d post a selection of some of the more interesting headstones I’ve shot lately:

(Emma M. Freathy has an entry on Grave Stories; if you know anything about her, please add it to her entry!)

(Emma N. Freathy also has an entry on Grave Stories, and take note of how worn her side of the Freathy obelisk is!)

3 Replies to “Return to Caspar Cemetery”

  1. I hang out at this cemetary often photographing two osprey nests nearby. A wierd piece of local history it the wooden grave by the entrance had a heart in formaldahyde which was stolen by vandels in the 1960’s “The Pickled Heart of Casper” could be a good story for for Stephen King.

  2. I’ve noticed the osprey around when I’m there, but I had no idea there were two nests. And the story about the heart is fascinating…do you happen to have any more details or know if it was written up in the paper?

  3. Might just be a local yarn but some Casper oldtimers might know more. My friend Vern Mcarthy was born there in the 20’s but he died about 6 years ago

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