Weedy Matters

Kids, it’s time to talk about an important issue: marijuana legalization. Rumor has it that legalization discussions are in the wind in numerous regions of the United States, and although the President denied any plans to consider legalization, I think it’s something which bears some serious discussion. My arguments for legalization have absolutely nothing to […]

Reproduction Inequality

Last week seemed to be the week of news outlets endlessly repeating the “isn’t this amusing, vasectomies are up” story. (I’ve noticed this trend more and more in the media of late, the tendency to grab tenaciously to one story and to keep circulating it over and over, presumably because most newspapers lack actual reporting […]

What’s So Scary About the Big Bad Vegan?

I wanted to expand a little more on my reaction to “Animal Rites,” because I think there’s a lot of vegan/animal rights hatred going on in our society, and I am trying to figure out why. This issue cuts especially close to home for me because I care about animal rights, a lot, and think […]