Book 283: Leg the Spread

Given the current trials and tribulations of the markets, I thought it might be nice to re-read Leg the Spread, a book about a woman who braved the Boys Club of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It’s a fascinating book not only because it provides insight into the culture of commodities trading, but also because it’s […]

Book 281: Matilda

I felt like reading a kid book last night, and no one stopped me. Matilda is actually not my favourite of Dahl’s children’s books. I mean I think it’s good, but I have never been as into it as I have been into books like Danny the Champion of the World, Charlie and the Chocolate […]

Book 280: Devil Bones

That’s right, cheesy mystery o’clock this afternoon. Well, actually, I think that the Temperance Brennan books are a cut above cheesy mystery, in that they are written by a real forensic anthropologist, and they often contain interesting information and insights. Which brings me to the neat part of this book, which was the discussion of […]

Book 279: Orange County

This book is by the author of “Ask a Mexican,” the long-running OC Weekly column which simultaneously horrifies and delights readers. I actually didn’t realize that when I grabbed this book at the library, but when I did, I figured it was just sort of like a bonus feature, since I happen to find the […]