Holy Crap!

So there I was, minding my own business, chatting with Baxt, when she said that she got epic hail at her house. And I was all like “Dude!” and she was all like “it was weird.” And suddenly, there was a huge-ass mother of all thunderclaps basically right over my house which caused Mr Bell to rocket into the air, followed by a wicked lightning strike, and I looked outside, and saw this:


And I was all like “damn, dude, those are some bad-ass clouds,” and then I popped into the alley, and saw this:

column of cloud

And I was like “HOLY CRAP.”

So I ran inside to say “holy crap” to Baxt, and I grabbed my camera, and I went outside to take pictures, and then it started raining, so I had to hide in my doorway and take pictures:

storm clouds

storm clouds

Look, kids, I am not from the Midwest. It does not thunder, rain, or lightning in June.



The end days?

storm clouds

They are here.

Did somebody order an apocalypse?