Reading Joe. My. God. this morning, I came across an article featuring the “creepiest cell phone ad ever,” and it was indeed creepy, and disgusting, so I felt the need to rant about it for a moment. Have you ever seen/experienced something that just repulsed you? Left you with crawling skin and an urgent need […]

I Am Hussein

One of the more interesting bits of political news this weekend is that Obama supporters, especially young Obama supporters, have adopted his middle name as their own. Not formally, of course, but people are changing their names on social networking sites, email services, and so forth. I happen to think it’s a rather interesting act […]

Red Flag

This is yesterday’s sunrise. See how the light is all creepy, red, and polarized? It would have been even more amazing with a really monstrous digital SLR, but this picture is still pretty damn awesome. The sun literally looked like a ruby in the smoke, and the light was bright red. For several hours. And […]

Book 171: The Cloud Atlas

Apparently more than one book is named The Cloud Atlas, and I actually ordered the wrong Cloud Atlas, as I discovered when I picked this book up at the library. But I decided to read it anyway, because, hey, it came all this way, and it might turn out to be interesting, and wouldn’t it […]