There’s a great op-ed in the Times about the Supreme Court’s historical struggles (or lack thereof) with the death penalty, and I think it’s worth reading, because it is fairly short, and I think that it makes some great points. Basically, the crux of the article is a condemnation of the Supreme Court’s recent approval […]

Wrath on Sundays

Sometimes I wonder if newspapers deliberately publish poorly written, irrational, inflammatory columns for the explicit purpose of pissing readers off. They probably figure that when people get annoyed, it generates discussion, so it gets the numbers up, and numbers are the bottom line. I realize that by writing about things that I see in newspapers […]

Book One Hundred and Six: Dinner at Deviant’s Palace

Yesterday I went to the library, thinking that I wanted to read a really good book about redemption, or possibly just something cheesy which would be enjoyable in the sun. Instead, I picked up two books on more serious topics, which you’ll be hearing about later. But, when I got to the post office, there […]