Results, Results, Results

I had a big debate with myself about whether or not I wanted to write about the election results. After all, lots of other people are writing about them too, so it’s not like I have a lot of new information or thoughts on the issue. And I spent much of yesterday reading commentary on the election which ranged from the germane to the deranged. People sure do get passionate about politics, I tell you what.

I’ll be honest with you, gentle readers, because I always am. I think we all know that I don’t like Obama, but I was really hoping he would dominate, and bring this insanity to a halt. I figured that if he cinched Texas and Ohio, it would be clear that he was the natural choice for the nomination, and the Democrats could put their energy into supporting him, rather than shredding each other.

The Democratic party must be aware that it is tearing itself apart, and that this battle between Clinton and Obama is creating a huge schism which may backfire quite dramatically in November, no matter who gets the nomination. Clinton is running an incredibly dirty campaign, as though this is a general election, not a series of primaries, and I think that’s a bad move, because it’s generating a lot of bad blood. This should not be construed as an attack on Clinton, but rather on her handlers and campaign management team, all of whom have apparently gone insane.

I think we all know that politicians like to play dirty, but I have been simply aghast at the machinations of the Clinton campaign. Trying to get delegates from Michigan and Florida seated, for example, after she won those states. (No surprise in Michigan, Obama wasn’t even on the ballot!) The Obama-is-a-Muslim smear campaign. The stupid “middle of the night phone call” ad. Sneakily bringing the real estate deal on his house into question only a few days before the most recent round of major primaries, to ensure that it’s in the public eye.

There are a lot of reasons I am not a fan of Clinton (or Obama), and quite frankly I am tried of the shit being slung on both sides. The Obama campaign is at least trying to focus on issues, rather than just slinging mud at Clinton, and I think that he deserves some credit for that. I hope that Clinton wises up and chills out on the personal attacks, but I don’t think she will.

Now I hear the thought of a Clinton/Obama (or Obama/Clinton) ticket being bandied about. I can’t imagine that being workable, given that Clinton has been viciously attacking Obama, and Obama certainly doesn’t need Clinton to get elected. He has no good reason to team up with her, or to accept a position as veep. And, honestly, I wouldn’t vote for any ticket with Hillary Clinton on it, at this point.

This whole popularity contest is both interesting and frustrating. I think that someone needs to drop out, to save the Democratic party and his or her political career. At this point, I think that Clinton is going to have difficulty running again for pretty much any office you care to name, because she has generated so much acrimony. If the campaign continues as-is and she splits the Democrats, there’s going to be even more bitterness…especially in McCain is elected in November. Obama might be able to drop out and try again, although I don’t think it’s likely that he will concede at this point. This is becoming a battle of honor more than anything else, in some ways.

And Mr. McCain must be so very pleased every time he reads his newspaper to read about yet more Democratic shenanigans. Now that he has been anointed by Mr. Bush, he can start mounting a serious campaign, and make no mistake, he certainly will. He’s probably already called Clinton’s office to thank her for saving him a ton of money on negative ads.

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  1. Before the campaigning really started I thought to myself, “Clinton and Obama are strong candidates and share a party, they should just run together”. I thought it the most logical choice. Now, I think that accepting Clinton as a running mate would be political suicide for any politician. She does not have the dignity to pull out of this race, and it’s just going to get worse.

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