February Book Project Report

Well, February was certainly an action-packed month in the world of reading. If you’re new to the site and the Book Project, I am writing about every single book I read in 2008, with no exceptions, from academic tomes on genocide to silly mystery novels.

I am also welcoming reader suggestions on what to read, and will do my best to read every book which is recommended to me over the coming months. I figure it’s always interesting to see what other people are reading and into. People can also send me books*, should they so desire, and I will happily read and report back on them. (If desired, I can also send them back, or forward them on to others in a meandering web of book sharing goodness.)

At any rate, in February I read 26 books, and a total of 10,429 pages. I was apparently a more active reader during the month of February than I was in January, reading an average of 359.62 pages and .89 books a day. To be fair, a lot of those books were things like Inspector Montalbano novels, which don’t require as much firepower to read through. And also the days are growing longer, making me feel more lively, but not yet nice enough to lure me outside on a regular basis.

I read a lot of books last month, making it hard to pick a favourite. I think that This is the Way the World Ends takes the prize, ultimately. There were a lot of reasons to like it, but I think my penchant for apocalyptic fiction is reason enough. You should read it, if you haven’t already. World War Z comes in a close second, and I keep thinking about it, which is a good sign. I may return to it later this year.

I also read some pretty bad books. Some of them just weren’t my style, so I don’t really feel the need to bag on them yet again, but Tokyo Year Zero probably takes the cake. I also didn’t much care for The Nature of Monsters, and I think that it’s very telling that in both cases, what really put me off was cutesy narrative devices on the part of the author. I grew up in a household where that sort of thing is simply not tolerated.

I’m also pleased to note that my two favourite books this month were both recommendations, which I probably would never have read if someone hadn’t suggested them. (And the books I most hated were both plucked off the library shelves by me, showing how seductive a pretty cover can be.)

*Send books here:

s.e. smith

po box 2764

fort bragg, california, 95437

(if you feel so inclined. no pressure. really.)